How to use the celebrity yahoo format for your client

Are you looking for format to use to bill your client?, Celebrity Billing Format For yahoo should be the format that is on your mind now.

This celebrity Billing Format is Different from other formats you must have come across.

Due to the rate people like celebrities, the main advantages of using the celebrity Billing Format is because even those people that did not know you will still obey anything you say.

Different Types Of Celebrity Billing Formats

Before you make use of this celebrity Billing Format make sure you set up a Fake Facebook Account because you will be making use of Facebook and you will also need to create a Fake Instagram Account since you are going to be getting your client from Instagram.

Below Are some of the billing formats to use when it comes to celebrity Billing Format for client for yahoo.

Musician Celebrity Billing Format

When it comes to Celebrity Billing Format For yahoo, you can make use of musician celebrity Billing Format. In other for you to do this, you need to act as a Musician, you can claim to sell fake tickets to a show , but this will hardly work on Nigerian’s, so your main target should be the White’s.

Sample Format On Musician Celebrity Billing Format.

“Hello, My Name Is Abubarka Yusuf, Davido’s Manager, Popularly Known As Obo_ The badest. My artist will be hosting a show in your city and I am helping him in the sell of the ticket show of a Discount rate of 100$ instead of the Initial price of 400$ . If you are interested in attending the show, kindly give me a feed back in other to guide you on how to buy the ticket.

Entrepreneur Celebrity Billing Format


Entrepreneur celebrity Billing Format is another format you can use when it comes to billing your client; you can act as a celebrity, like acting as a rich man who is into investment.

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Sample On How The Entrepreneur Celebrity Billing Format will look like;

Hello; I am George Bush The cryto Trader, I based in United States and I help Cryto Traders Double Their Investment Money, you can Trade with Us and get Huge Profits In Return.

That is The First steps then you will tell them that ;

You can send me 200$ BTC I will double it to 400$ BTC with in 24hours,

When you put your message like that, trust me, many people will send you BTC because they have gotten trust in you since they know you are a rich man, so the money you are asking them to send to you is for you to help them double their money.

Other Celebrities Billing Format Are still Available Like That of Pastor Billing Format For Yahoo, Which is all about faking miracles in other for people to believe in you so you can charge them money for prayers and at same time you can sell some oil all in the name of miracle working oil, all this is know as Pastor Billing format For yahoo, On my next article I will talk more on the pastor yahoo format, but you can check out the Latest Scamming Formats for Yahoo To Bill A Client.

Basic Needs And Requirements For Celebrity Billing Format for Clients (Yahoo)

Below are some of the tools you will be needing when it comes to the celebrity Billing Format For Yahoo.

Fake Active Social media Account

The fake social media account will help you to be anonymous online and you should make sure The name you are using on the account is a celebrity name so it will look real as if you are a real celebrity, if you can’t create a fake Social media Account you can also buy.

Active Social media Followers

When it comes to the celebrity Billing Format For client, active followers plays a great role because it will make you look real, because their is no way you can become a celebrity without having followers, in other to get followers you can do little giveaway in other to get followers that is depending on either Facebook or Instagram you are using. So followers plays a great role when it comes to celebrity Billing Format For client.

Your Format

Format we are talking about is the celebrity Billing Format, you can copy my own format and use to bill your client for cashout.

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Conclusion on: Celebrity Billing Format For Client

For you to cashout with this celebrity Billing Format For Yahoo you need to follow the above steps one by one, you can get clients any where, either on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and in some dating site.

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