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Characteristics of political analysis

purpose of political analysis

At this stage it is necessary to dwell on the purpose of political analysis. Why should one bother to study the purpose of political analysis? In other words, is the study of political analysis beneficial or of any benefit to the contemporary man? Strictly speaking, the two most important tasks of political analysis are explanation and evaluation. Having said this, it is important to point out that a phenomenon can best be explained and evaluated in the context in which it appears.

It is perhaps appropriate to also say straightaway that all through the years, political science has been generally regarded as an analytical discipline. In line with this, the purpose of contemporary political analysis, are alongside Dahl (1991) identified and discussed under five heads.

Basic terms and tool of political Analysis

  • Enhances the understanding of political worldThe contemporary world is becoming increasing very complex. The systematic attempt to study political analysis enhances contemporary man’s ability and capacity to know, understand and explain the world in which he or she lives in. Understanding man’s political world helps one to make life out of livings.

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  • Facilitates the process of making intelligent choicesContemporary man is faced with varied attraction choices even as part of his daily life. To make intelligent choices in the face of various alternatives that confront human beings, he or she needs to be abreast with the issues and techniques of political analysis.
  • Enhancement of influence potentials Being political animals, human beings often aspire to exert influence towards their preferred option. Good knowledge of both political issues and political analysis will surely strengthen an individual’s ability or capacity to exert necessary impact in order to be able to influence the change inherent in the political system.
  • Facilitates logical choice of goals Good knowledge of political analysis is also important when it comes to logical choice of goals or choosing goals appropriately. Political analysis enables, indeed facilitates the process of making intelligent, logical and careful choice between political options or goals.

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  • Provides frames of achievement

Purpose of Political analysis does not only provide one with logical choice of goals but also provides one with frame of their achievement at the minimum expense. This is largely because it enables one to take cognizance of different factors or variable that is likely to impinge or enhance the achievement of a specific cause.


We can say that politics and political analysis are products of social life. Living group or social life has given rise to the problem of the organization and the emergence of state structures and processes. The purpose of political analysis are to enhance the understanding of the political world, facilitate the process of making intelligent choices, enhance potentials of influence, facilitate logical choices and to provide frames of achievement.

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