How to use the yahoo love and trust format

Yahoo trust format used by yahoo guys to win Client heart to get money

As a Yahoo guy, you already know what we’re talking about so far you have read my article on how to be a yahoo boy together with few yahoo format update I released. When we say ‘Yahoo Trust Format’, it just mean to gain your client trust by making him or her believe in whatever lie you told him without a single doubt.

Using the trust format wisely, you can tell when your white client is into you, you can tell if he will give you money or not and again the funniest thing here is that when you win a client heart with trust format, he or she can go an extend of collecting loan or selling off their properties to pay you. Isn’t that amazing? True or false, if you say FALSE then you’re only deceiving yourself.

 Well, this article here is on one of those formats that you cannot find easily online. It is called the Trust method of collecting money, bitcoin, credit card, Gift card, iTunes cards etc, from foreign clients and it works 100%.

Using the trust format requires a lot of smartness on your part. Don’t think you can just wake up one morning and decide to jump on your laptop and chat with some random white woman or white man using broken English and all sort of jargons and then expect them to start sending you money. Is it witch? Even if its yahoo plus it does not work like that.

Using this format requires its own strategy and until you follow it to the later you may never get paid by your client.

Yahoo Trust Format to win your client heart

European – American Origin.

Another rule in the trust format for client is to let your client know that you don’t have a pure American background.

Here’s the trick: Americans have a distinct accent and know when a fellow American is speaking. If your client is an American, let them know that you are a rich migrant from Europe in America, so the accent is foreign to you.

If your client is from Britain, also let them know that you are from Slovak-British immigrant and that your parents own an oil well in Russia.  But right now, you are constructing a mine in Africa that mines gold and diamond at faster levels.

That way, you won’t have problems with your accent, and when you talk with them, they believe you.

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Come out with a Business Idea that would favor your client

When you want to bill your clients, don’t ask them to help you. Instead, you should look out for business ideas that will help them make money.

Let’s say you want to ship gold to the United States and you need someone in charge of sales; you can decide to employ her. If she agrees, then you can use the fake courier website format to bill her.

Tell her the package you sent to her has been seized by a corrupt local police officer demanding a bribe. The bribe should be in the region of $5,000. Inform her that the total worth of the gold you imported into the country is around 40 million dollars, so she can help sort it out and live a good life.

But also remind her not to disclose this with anybody, not to complicate the issue with authorities.

Use a Male Profile Seeking for Women

Using a male profile has its own advantages because men always lead the charge in conversations. Your female clients would barely question you much apart from trying to learn a few things about you.

As a man, you can clearly state that you don’t do video calls and all that stuff until you see them in person. Your reason is that you want the first perception of your client to be what you see physically and not what the camera wants you to see.

You can say something like;

“You know, I really want the first real image of you in my head to be when we meet physically. Meaning I would kill off my urge for a video call till I get to see you physically.”

This would stop them from bringing up any conversation of video calling you.

Send her Gifts

As a friend and someone you are getting to know, you can also get her gifts like flowers or buy her coffee. Alternatively, you can help your client accomplish small tasks that they are working on.

Small gifts greatly influence most white women and even men, and they tend to trust you better. So if you are wondering what could be inside the trust format for clients, I would tell you this, learn to deliver little gifts to your clients. It would help when you tell them that you imported gold into the country; they will believe you more.

You are a Business Investor in Asia

Never use Africa or talk about Africa when starting because it raises a red flag about your genuineness. Africa should be brought up when it is time to use the gold format Asians are rich, and that is another continent with a lot of millionaires. So she will be happy to roll with you – especially if you make her believe you will spend on her.

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Tell her to Speak to Your Lawyer

You need to have crew members that also work with you. If you have a lawyer profile on Instagram or Twitter, you can refer her to your lawyer friend, who is also part of the crew.

That way, it will also help you build trust. One thing you must know is that this game is like a chain, and you must satisfy every bit of it to cash out finally!

You have to think smart, act smart, and reason very fast!!!

If possible, you should have someone like the policeman even contact her and explain the situation to the client. This is what we call trust format for client.

Yahoo Trust Format Sample

Thanks so much for the mail and am really happy to read back from you again…Well let me tell u little about me and know more about me…I’m 65years and from Covina, CA,I am into Aluminum (metal window and door),I have son of 23 years old that live with me full time.I have been a Widowed for the past 2yrs,lost my wife in a Car Accident on her way back from church,the Grievous moment of my life,all i have left is my 23yrs old Son,he’s my happiness.I am not looking to replace my late wife, but I want the same kind of closeness and love that I had before and I’m sure you do as well…I lost my parent some years back,am the only child of my parent,But also have adopted sister due to the delay in my parent marriage with no children. That is why they adopted my sister. no family or brother’s But have adopted am all alone with my son only and am on here seeking for someone to spend the rest of my life with…I don’t mind relocating with the right woman i meet on here and i must say u are my first and only contact for now….what am looking for in my woman!!!I’m Looking For A Lady that would be able to take me as i am and not trying to change me.Nice to me. Friendly Educated or willing to learn something new or improve herself in any way. Someone who is not negative or cynical. Someone who is not hateful or prejudice. Someone who has good taste.Someone with good self-esteem. Passionate Affectionate A snuggle bug (yes, sometimes even I, get a headache and just want to snuggle). Romantic (candlelight, nice dinner, soft music, bubble bath, cards, flowers, picnics, surprises, etc.) She must Love kids and takes good care of her families and not Being self-centered. I would like to meet someone that i can treat like a Queen and hope to have such treats in return. 

Someone who is a gentle, Non-violent or angry all the time.,Someone who likes a good argument once in a while. Someone who likes a good discussion and can agree to disagree. Believes in a partnership. Someone who is willing to share the good as well as the bad, in a relationship. Someone who is willing to work at a relationship (does not give in when the going gets tough). Someone who does not pout when he does not get what he wants or his own way.Does not go to bed angry,Does not use drugs. Someone who is a little on the wild and crazy side. A helper Someone Pretty just as you are (cares about her appearance). Someone who leads by example (not a “do as I say, not as I do” type)

A social drinker but not a drunk. Someone who is supportive of me, my decisions and the things I am working on. Someone who shares my interests (you don’t have to share all of them, but some would be nice). Someone who takes me and/or my plans into consideration,Some people have described me as creative, intelligent, perceptive and loyal. On the flip side….some people have also described me as stubborn and somewhat of a perfectionist although that is lessening as I get older. Some things that I need in my life are a sense of purpose, a sense of humor, the feeling of gratitude for my life, the love and respect of my family and friends, new experiences, someone to share all of the above and a great cup of coffee.How would you like it if we both get to drink coffee together?I believe that life is a work in progress.

There are so many things in life to enjoy and share. Quiet time is as important to me as learning and experiencing new things. Cuddling in front of a movie, listening to music or sitting on the shore of an ocean watching the waves crash with someone I care for is about as healing as it gets. Just sitting quietly and listening without the feeling that we have to keep up a conversation …it is a very comforting feeling.I tend to be self-reliant and do not enjoy depending solely on others. I try to be objective in decision making and not let emotions bias my decisions. I am open and honest in my communication and do not like to leave issues to smolder. I would rather bring problems into the open to discuss and resolve.Let me drop for here and looking forward to hearing from u too. I want you to drop me your cell phone number for better text


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Important key point to note on the Trust Format

These are the key things you should note when you are trying to build trust with your client.

  • Your profession must be that of a rich man
  • Target women, they are easier to seduce
  • It would help if you were of European – American/British Origin.
  • Be quick to buy gifts for your clients
  • Offer them value (Help them out).
  • Your location should be Asia before you move to Africa.
  • Come up with a business idea that would help your client.
  • Use the Gold and Fake Logistics format for faster billing.

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