What Every Blogger is supposed To Know About Media Kits

Having ads displayed by Google Adsense is not the only way to monetize a blog, you must have realized that by now. Having direct advertisers on your blog is sure a offer that can’t be refused as it sets up a win-win situation for both the parties.

Potential advertisers scan through hordes of niche blogs daily to promote their products and services among a huge audience. That’s when these blog media kits come into action. Majority of bloggers don’t have a media kit, those who make use of them have an outdated media kit, and the rest lot, don’t care what it has to offer. This is the widely neglected region of monetizing strategy in the blogosphere.

What you ought to realize is that direct advertising is the best out there, as you decide what ads to show, and you know your audience better, so that’s definitely a win for you. There is no middleman and the advertiser pays for what he gets. Okay, now let’s not dwell in the appraisal of Media Kits and get straight to the point.

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What is a Media Kit?

In simple words, media kit is like the menu for advertisers, if your blog is a restaurant. Its like the tender that you submit in the hope of getting a contract for some task. Media kits open up the doors to potential advertisers for partnering up with you.

Media kits is the perspective that you give to your potential advertiser about your blog. It is simply a way of presenting your blog statistics to your potential advertiser, as he must know what to expect after advertising with your blog.

Why Do you Need one?

Do you really need one? Yes you do, if you are seriously looking for direct advertisements, and more money (Now you do need it!), and meaningful ads which might be of true value to your readers, instead of irrelevant banners ads popping from every space available!

A great media kit helps in many ways. You get to know detailed insights about your blog, your progress, while helping your potential advertiser get an insight about your blog, its audience and everything. Your media kit is your best foot forward in promoting your blog to potential advertisers. If you have a media kit with only your Google Analytics (Duh!), you’re completely doing it wrong!

What details to include in the Media Kit?

Enough about the Media Kits! Show me the real deal. Here’s all things that you will need to include in your media kit. Before you start writing one for your blog, do remember your media tip is written for experienced marketers and media buying companies. So ensure, you target your writing for those people instead of your usual readers.

A short introduction

A short introduction of your blog is a must and on the top fold of the media kit. A quick introduction to your blog, your niche, what you write about is a great way to introduce your blog to your potential advertiser. Make it personal. Write about the theme (Not WordPress theme!) of your blog. Let your advertiser know a little bit about the blog and its readers. Keep it short and to the point.

Your previous partnerships/Clients

If you happen to have any previous clients that you have worked with on advertisement partnerships, do mention them. Even if they are a industry name or not, you can include them in your media kit, to give the potential advertiser an idea about your experience with previous advertisers.

You do not need to start fudging in your media kit and include companies that don’t exist as your previously worked clients. Be true to yourself and you can skip this section if you are not proud of your previous partnerships, or if you haven’t had one yet.

Your Blog Traffic details

This section is all about numbers and statistics. Blog traffic here doesn’t mean only traffic, it is all about the real reach of the blog. Here’s the entire list of statistics that you need to collect and present:

  • Unique visitors per month
  • Pageviews per month
  • Subscribers (RSS and Email)
  • Average reader time on site
  • percentage of returning users
  • Community interaction
  • Other rankings (if noteworthy): Google Analytics, domain authority, Klout score, Comscore, Quantcast, etc.

You can skip the sections that are not noteworthy.

Your social media followers

Your sponsor needs to know about the social activity of your blog. Include your blog’s Twitter followers, Facebook likes, RSS subscribers, etc. Don’t include networks that you don’t have activity on. You can also come up with some creative ideas to present your social media profiles, like the one above. You need not have millions of followers to get advertisers, present your stats in a good fashion, and that would drive the advertisers towards your blog.

Types of advertisement options you offer

List all the types of services you offer and the price for the same. You might offer many advertising options on your blog, do list them in a detailed fashion. Here are some services what are widely offered by blogs:

  • Paid tweets,
  • Banner ads,
  • Review posts,
  • Ads in feeds,
  • Sponsored posts,
  • Giveaway posts.

Also detail about the payment modes, and the payment receiving time for displaying ads. Also include format of ads supported.


If you have worked with anyone previously, do include their testimonials at the end. Your sponsor could have a read about what others have to say about your blog, who have had experience working with you. Ask for your earlier advertisers about giving you testimonial after you have worked with them for including it in further updates of your media kit.

Media Kit writing tips

Here are some takeaway tips for your media kit:

  • Update it every three months
  • Put ‘as of [Date]’
  • Keep it short
  • Don’t fudge your details

Wrapping it up

Wrapping everything we have seen about media kits till now, now is the time to wrap all these details up into a nice file that can be easily shared. Do make a PDF of your media kit. Please, No MS Word documents as media kits. Hire am experienced designer if you can’t make it yourself, but make it professional.

So, do you have a media kit on your blog? Shout out your doubts and experiences with media kits below.

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