some web hosting alternatives to HostGator: 2019 Edition

Recently I made you aware here on this blog that Hostgator has been sold to EIG & over the time we hear mixed reaction for the same. This is a good time for me to offer some alternatives to Hostgator, as it would be beneficial to an existing Hostgator user like me whose hosting due date is this month; and we can move now to another web hosting service instead of renewing with HostGator for the next year.

Let’s have a look at some web hosting alternatives that offer a hosting service of similar or better quality than Hostgator.

When I Googled Hostgator alternatives, I was bombarded with many options, and I will list for you the top hosting services that I have personally used or used for my clients’ sites. Based on my experience and user recommendations, here are some of the best web hosting services, if you are looking to move from Hostgator.

HostGator alternatives including non-EIG hosting:

Before we move forward with the list, here is a guide to moving a WordPress site on cPanel hosting, which will help you to move to any new Hostgator alternative hosting you may choose.

Here are few of the features which I consider when looking into any shared hosting service similar to Hostgator:

  • Server quality
  • Technology used
  • Bandwidth and storage space
  • WordPress compatibility and support
  • Technical support
  • Billing system


SiteGround is a non-EIG company, and they have made numerous changes over time in their hosting quality and infrastructure. In fact, Siteground is one of the top recommended hosting companies for anyone who is looking for a non-EIG WordPress hosting service. They offer cutting edge technology such as Varnish cache, which will improve your WordPress performance by 4X.

SiteGround has been creating a great name for themselves in 2019, and I’m already using them for the hosting of four of my WordPress blogs. Here is a guide to installing WordPress on Siteground. You can read my experience of moving from HostGator to SiteGround here.

SiteGround does offer free Website migration which will make it even easier for you to move away from Hostgator. You can use the link below to sign up for SiteGround for 70% off.

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When it comes to shared hosting, Bluehost is a well-reputed name and it is better than HostGator in many ways. They offer only one shared hosting package, and they are known for their reliable hosting. Bluehost offers unlimited bandwidth and storage and offers cPanel hosting.

Many of my WordPress clients’ sites are hosted there, and I have never faced any technical issues. Only in the case of something major would I have reason to use their support, but on the one occasion when I did request support to make some changes in php.ini, it was completed successfully in no time.

Bluehost offers free SSL Certificate & support for PHP7. This is one thing I missed a lot when I was hosted on HostGator.

One of my clients had the traffic of almost 20K/day, and Bluehost’s server was handling the WordPress load without issue. However, make sure you install any cache plugins on your blog for smooth functioning of your site. Bluehost is among the best alternatives to Hostgator.

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InMotion Hosting:

InmotionHosting was started in 2001 by a team of techies & in the last 18 years, they have become one of the popular hosting choices for U.S.A. They are based in Los Angeles & offers various hosting types including shared, VPS & dedicated. What I like the most about them is support superior quality in the native language.

They also offer free website migration with no downtime & renews your domain for free. If you don’t wish to renew your existing domain, you can always get one free domain with your hosting purchase. I would suggest getting hosting for 2-3 years from them to make most out of it.

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One of the best things about Bluehost is its resource protection. On most shared hosting, your site will go down because of any faulty site consuming high CPU resources. Bluehost has implemented their own technology to handle this issue. So technically you will be getting the benefits of VPS at no extra cost.


I’m not listing a large number of HostGator alternatives because my goal here was to offer a short list of the top options available to you. To be clear, I have only hosted WordPress sites with the hosting services mentioned above, and my recommendation is based on my experience with them.

You can opt for any of these alternatives, but my first recommendation would be either SiteGround or InMotionHosting.

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