Social innovation, SDGs and entrepreneurship

Social innovation, SDGs and entrepreneurship

This was the question addressed by Mr Casale, Director of the Turin School of Development, at the official opening, on Monday 5 February 2018, of the 3-week residential phase of the new “Advanced Course in Social Innovation and Sustainable Development”, now being held on campus.

Global development trends indicate that social exclusion, youth unemployment and the problems of migrant integration, climate change and an ageing society are escalating in severity and urgency. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the SDGs provide a useful framework within which social entrepreneurs can develop innovative solutions to address these emerging societal transformations.

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This new programme is geared to the needs of young social entrepreneurs, members of NGOs and cooperatives from developing and European Eastern countries.

A round-table discussion was held with the participation of Ms Antonella Noya (OECD), Ms Dana Verbal (Entrepreneurship team, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Brussels) and Mr Mario Calderini (Polytechnic of Milan), together with ITCILO officials Ms Linda Deelen, Ms Monica Rossi and Mr Martin Gasser.

In the design and promotion of the pilot training course, the Centre has cooperated with the not-for-profit PerMicro Lab association, the SocialFare Centre for Social Innovation and Nesta Italia.

Participants took part in a session to discuss the “Future of Work” in their own contexts and the contribution made by the Social Innovation approach in providing opportunities for all, eliminating inequalities and achieving a better work-life balance.


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