How to earn money with youtube videos 2021

How to Monetize your YouTube channelHow to earn money with youtube videos

Do you know you can Earn money by uploading videos on YouTube? You can Earn money by placing ads in your YouTube channel. These can be possible when you meet up with the YouTube partnership program policy and requirements.

Back in January of this year, YouTube updated the eligibility requirement for users who would like to monetize their YouTube videos. These changes were not included in our How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel blog, so here are the updates.
YouTube Monetization Eligibility Requirement

The requirement is to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program, therefore you should be able to place ads in your channel. You are to have your video watch 4000 hours of watch time within the last 12 months and also 1000 subscribers. Before embarking on this, please check if the program is able in your country.

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Check your watch time and subscribers in YouTube Analytics. Sign into your YouTube account and go to

What you should do if you don’t Meet the YouTube partnership Requirements?

There are Forums and academy were creators can learn the ways, dos and don’t of maintaining a YouTube channel. Also you can ask questions to YouTube expertise for guide and Tutorial. Visit YouTube’s Creator Academy and the YouTube Creators YouTube channel.

What step to take when you Meet up the Requirement but I’m not yet a partner

These 4 steps should be taken:

  1. Reading and agree to the YouTube Partnership Program terms
  2. Sign up for AdSense
  3. Set monetization preferences
  4. Then lastly, your channel shall be reviewed by AdSense

Apply for YouTube Partnership here .

What if you are already a partner

If you were already a Youtube Partner, don’t worry your channel will be automatically reviewed when you meet up with the YouTube policy requirement.

Videos which Can be Monetize?

Not all video is eligible for monetization. AdSense is a strict company that doesn’t Entertain pirated materials, Copy write or Stolen Content, once they noticed that your Content is not unique and original you will be disapproved automatically. To see which videos you can monetize, visit Youtube’s Video Monetization Criteria page.

Also,the content (video) you upload must follow the YouTube Terms of Service if you plan on posting any videos, whether you want to be a Partner or not.

Monetizing your YouTube videos can be a fun, you can as well promote your brand and also earn through your video to supplement your regular income.

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Verification of new side need to adhere to Google AdSense policy

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