Create an SEO-friendly content for better Google ranking

SEO-friendly content for Google ranking

SEO Writing Assistant is one in a million tool, using SEO writing assistance you can rest assured that your content is perfectly optimized and ready for publication.

SEO Writing Assistant is an add-on for Google Docs and WordPress which connects your SEO Content Template to your Google document or WordPress account to analyze how well your text complies with the SEO recommendations based on your top ten competitors.


Use SEO Compliance Metrics

All the metrics are interactive, which means they are altering on a live basis depending on the changes you make in your text.

  • Overall score is a live metric which shows the quality of your content, taking into account all of the metrics below. The closer the number is to 10, the better SEO optimized your text is.
  • Readability is the ease with which a reader can understand written text according to the Flesch reading ease score formula. Try to match the target number, which is an average for your top-10 competitors on Google. The add-on will also identify hard to read sentences and long words in your text and highlight them with grey.
  • Words will calculate the number of words in your text and will set a goal according to the average word count of your rivals’ content.
  • Target keywords are the core of your text, on which all the recommendations are based. You can change them at any time to change the topic or get more precise tips for your content.
  • Recommended keywords are words that are semantically related to your seed keywords. Once you use them in your content, they will be highlighted with green in the doc.
  • Title shows you recommendations for your headline.

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As in the SEO Content Template, all of the above metrics are based on your best-performing rivals in Google’s top ten, which saves you time browsing search engine results for your keywords.

Create Once, Use Everywhere #SEO-friendly content

The best part is that you can use SEO Writing Assistant without an SEMrush account/subscription if your colleague has one.

Let’s say you have a content team and want each writer to follow recommendations from SEO Writing Assistant while performing their tasks. There is no need to register and buy an SEMrush subscription for everyone. Only one subscription is needed to generate recommendations and attach them to specific Google docs.

If you share a doc with recommendations attached with your colleagues, they only have to set up the SEO Writing Assistant plugin for free to see these, without a personal SEMrush account/subscription.

SEO Writing Assistant Bonus

You can also check your text for plagiarism using the add-on to make sure your content is original. This feature detects the total percentage of copied words and identifies original sources of content from across the internet. The plagiarism checker is available for all languages and is extremely useful if you want to check your own content for originality or monitor the work of your freelance and in-house copywriters.

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To discover more useful tools and tips for content optimization, find out how to create SEO-friendly content with SEMrush.

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