How To Tag Nofollow Attribute To A Link For SEO

Tagging nofollow attribute

Nofollow & Dofollow are the two most commonly spoken words in the field of SEO.

Any blogger or webmaster who understands the importance of search engine optimization should know the basics about Nofollo and Dofollow along with when to use the Nofollow tag attribute.

Today, I will tell you how to add Nofollo to any link. In this tutorial, you will learn when, why & how should you use Nofollo tag and Dofollow tag.

One of the biggest misconceptions that I want you to get out of your head is, lots of Dofollow links are bad. On the contrary, Dofollow links are great. It helps in improving your website trust score as long as you are linking to authoritative websites.

Why do you need to add Nofollow Tag to any link?

One of the basic rules of SEO is giving more importance to important posts by keeping it Dofollow and keeping other links as nofollo. Now, the most basic question is what is Dofollow.

Dofollow links are links which we want Google to follow from our page, and nofollow links are those links that we don’t want Google bot (Or any other search engine bots) to follow. Usually, whenever we have to link to any bad domain, we use nofollow link attributes.

By default, any WordPress blog or BlogSpot blog adds Dofollow attribute whenever we add any link. Now, when we are linking to any site, and we don’t want to pass the link juice, we use the Nofollow link attribute. This will help to transfer the link juice to correct domain.

Moreover, when you are linking to affiliate products, any spam site for any reasons, make sure to use Nofollow tag attributes. Though, some time back Google specified that Google has started ignoring Nofollo tags, but still SEO guru believes, it’s a good practice to use Nofollow link attributes for such domains when it’s not a quality source. For the info, many search engine bots started following nofollow links, but they don’t use such links for ranking.

How to add Nofollow Attributes to a link?

By default your link look like this

How to Blog

To make it nofollow, simply add an attribute Nofollow� to the link

How to blog

When writing in WordPress or Blogger, you can go to Edit HTML mode and add rel=” nofollow” in front of links to make it nofollow.

WordPress Plugin To Add No-Follow Tag Attribute

One good thing about WordPress is that you can find a plugin for everything. There are a few plugins which will let you make all of your external links no-follow, but I oppose that practice.

It’s a good idea to selectively no-follow links rather than no-following all of your external links. Don’t forget about the benefits of external links in SEO.

The Ultimate Nofollow WordPress plugin is one handy plugin for bloggers, to quickly add a no-follow tag to any link from the WordPress post editor. Also, this plugin will let you add no-follow link attributes to all links in the comments.

This is a plug and play plugin. All you need to do is download and install the Ultimate Nofollow plugin, and after activation, it will add a no-follow option box in the WordPress post editor.


You can also go to Settings > Nofollow and uncheck the option to make your comment links no-follow.

If you are looking for a quick option to add the no-follow tag attribute to any link in WordPress, this is a good plugin.

Usually to maintain the link juice, we keep our blog comments and external ad links as Nofollow. You can use any of the WordPress SEO Plugins to keep comments and ads link as nofollow. Usually, links in WordPress comment section are nofollow.

For internal links, I would suggest you keep them as Dofollow (which stays by default) and also open in a new tab for users experience. Keeping your internal link do-follow it will help search engine bots to crawl more pages on your site.

If you have lots of outbound link from a single page, I will suggest keeping at least those links Nofollow that doesn’t add value to the search engine. So that you will not pass your link juice to all of the links especially your advertisement links and affiliate links.

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