Verification of new side need to adhere to Google AdSense policy

Google AdSense change in policy
Google AdSense

AdSense is making a change to its AdSense policies that require every new site to go through a verification process in order to display ads.

publishers who intend to place ads on more than one site will now have to add each individual site to their account.

Then each site will have to go through a two verification process.

Google First step verification process

In the first part of the verification process, AdSense publishers will have to prove that they either own the domain they wish to place ads on or have the ability to modify its content.

Secondly the process involves Googl@ reviewing the site for compliance with its AdSense Program policies.

Once Googl@ has reviewed a site and approved it for publishing AdSense ads it will be marked as “Ready”

What if Google does not approve your site?

If Google reviewed a site and did not approve it, then it will be marked as “Needs attention.”

This will give site owners an opportunity to correct the issues that prevented their site from being approved during the first review.

What does it implies for Marketers

As part of this change, the “My Sites” tab will be renamed to “Sites” and moved toward the top of the menu so it’s easier to find.

According to Google, other than the “My Sites” tab being renamed, the majority of AdSense users will not be affected at all.

Those who end up being affected will most likely be asked to help Google find the correct ad code when they add a new site.

Google says it’s making this change because improving the quality of its AdSense program makes it more attractive to advertisers.

In turn, this should also end up benefitting those who publish AdSense ads.

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How to get your AdSense account approved easily

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