Engage in this top 10 high paying job if you want to be rich (100%)

High paying jobs

Are you interested in knowing the possible high paying  jobs for smart people like yourself? Just hang on a bit, I will show you the type of jobs that are meant for smart people to harness their creativity and high IQ.

In the last article, we discussed possible jobs for lazy people, and it was well received. It made me wondered why we had quite several lazy people looking out for simple jobs that wouldn’t take much of their time and strength.

If we could write jobs for the lazy folks, then jobs for smart people should also come in handy. For some people, the joy of doing just their jobs isn’t enough for them. Some employees are looking for an opportunity to think outside of the box and find solutions to real human problems.

This makes them super smart and gives them the feeling that they can change the world for good. What is those type of job that can offer them that opportunity? We will consider the highest paying jobs for smart people who wish to think outside of the box.

High Paying Jobs for Smart PeopleEngage in this top 10 high paying job if you want to be rick (100%)

The jobs listed below aren’t just casual everyday jobs. These are jobs that also have the potential to make anyone productive and at the same time, increasing your IQ. What are they?

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Research Scientists

These guys are responsible for undertaking, designing, and analyzing information from laboratory controlled-based investigations, trials, and experiments.

If you think you are smart enough and also science inclined, then this should be a good fit for you. You can work in almost every area of science and carry out investigations in fields like medical research, pharmacology, meteorology, etc.

You could also be involved in planning and conducting experiments, analyzing data, presenting results, etc.

Who knows, you might find the next total cure for HIV/AIDS. This is one of the jobs for smart people; interestingly, it also pays well due to high funding from companies and government organisations too.

IT Professionals and Software Developer/Engineers #high paying job

This gave me a whole lot of room to play around with my creativity and made me realize that it was part of the jobs for smart people.

The last time my boss gave me a job as a software developer for a large IT firm, he told me, “let me see what you can come up with today.”

Programming is a continuous learning process which doesn’t require hard work; but rather, smart work. As a bonus: you work alongside other intelligent colleagues while investors give you lots of money for the next big idea to come from you.

Being able to think outside of the box and create tools that make life easy is nothing but genius. So if you consider yourself pretty smart, then you should seek out a career in Software Development, Programming, or an IT-related profession.

Police Detectives on Duty

If you have a knack on solving challenges, problems, and the uttermost ability to spot little things that matters, then this high paying job is for you. Detectives are smart people and can predict human behavior and read human body language.

They are responsible for managing several investigations, including robbery, drugs, domestic violence, cyber-crime, etc.

It is a challenging career meant for smart people who can think out of the box. They can figure out things that people with a lower IQ can’t figure out.

Being a detective isn’t rank but rather a descriptive title that reflects your knowledge, skills, and experience in a particular field.

It also comes with a massive paycheck due to its dangerous nature and risk exposure. So if you are looking for one of the high paying jobs for smart people, becoming a detective should be on your radar.


I consider inventors as the smartest in the bunch. In as much as they are lazy, it is the primary reason they come up with exciting innovations. According to a significant scientist, “Laziness breeds innovation.”

People generally believe that lazy people make the best employees, and that is the category inventors fall into. And indeed, plenty of inventions have been created out of a desire to make life simpler and more comfortable.

Thinking of how to make your work easier, faster, and simpler is a huge sign of being smart. So it is safe to say that inventors are typically more intelligent than the rest of us out there.

So if you can invent innovations that could help make life easier, then becoming an inventor should be something to consider. It is typically one of the best jobs for smart people. I can’t argue if it pays so well, but I guess you would get so much money from investors who are ready to buy off your idea at the slightest opportunity.

Data Scientists #high paying job

These are smart people with the curiosity to find meaning from an sh*t load of data cramped up everywhere. Of recent, data scientists are becoming objects of desires for many companies, including finance, e-commerce, and retail.

As explained by experts, a data scientist has statistics and modeling knowledge, combined with programming skills that result in actionable insights for business.

To reach those insights, a data scientist must be smart and have a unique blend of rare qualifications. This is one of the high paying jobs for smart people who aren’t looking to be bounded by limitations in their careers. There are lots of data to be analyzed, and there are no limitations to bore you.

Lawyers #high paying job 

There is nothing as genius as looking out for loopholes in your enemies presentation and looking to explore the weakness. This makes law one of the best jobs for smart people. If you can think of ‘genius’ ways to win someone in an argument, then this job is for you.

While you don’t need to be a genius to become a lawyer, the ability to think abstractly, fast, creatively, and quickly joining various elements to develop a winning strategy requires a great deal of smartness and functional intellect.

“Lawyers are liars” and the ability to present a lie and convince others to buy into their lies is simply genius.

Medical Doctors #high paying job 

While most jobs aren’t life-threatening, others give room for no mistake at all. Any form of error is disastrous and could cost a lot.

Medical doctors who specialize in diagnostics and neurosurgery need to have several kinds of mental abilities that enable them to figure out problems based on existing issues. This makes this job suited for smart people who can recall and work based on existing postulations and new items.

Diseases spring up almost every day, so this career is boundless with room for so much to learn. So if you consider yourself smart and with a high IQ, then medicine should be an alternative for you.

Other jobs for smart people with a high potential to earn high income also includes;

Now we’ve seen the several jobs for smart people with a high IQ, which of them do you incline venturing into?

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Engage in this top 10 high paying job if you want to be rich (100%)Enjoy!!!

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