How to get pictures for yahoo yahoo

How to get pictures for yahoo yahoo

If you want to become a successful yahoo boy, then you would never make a mistake in this step. This is another problem that those who to become yahoo boys normally face. It will be weird to use the picture of somebody and your client will recognize the picture and call you fake. It is something you really don’t want to experience.

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Most times when you go on dating sites, you will see lots of people; you have no idea who is who, so you are careful to use a picture that people won’t recognize. One of the mistakes new recruits in the yahoo yahoo business make is that they go to use the picture of a celebrity or a popular person in that country. It is quite good, but it depends on the yahoo format you came up with.

So back to the question, how do you get pictures for yahoo yahoo?

I always do recommend you use Instagram; this is because of the fact that there are lots of people there, so nobody can know who you are. If I want to use the picture of a rich white man, or a black model, I will just go on Instagram and find a black non-popular girl and use her picture.

You may decide to use Facebook to get pictures for yahoo yahoo, but Facebook is always indexed by Google, so the picture you use might show up on the Google Search Engine… Busted!!!

So just in case you are looking for how to get pictures for yahoo yahoo business, just look at the steps;

  • Log into Instagram
  • Look for the type of picture you want to use
  • Check if the person has lots of pictures that you can continue to steal from
  • Make sure the person isn’t popular
  • Collect their picture and make sure that it isn’t indexed by Google (Google search that picture)
  • Upload their picture anywhere you want.
  • Start making money and become a successful yahoo boy

If your client requests for picture make sure you don’t send plenty at once. This will make sure that you don’t run out of pictures when the time comes.


Due to many questions which I don’t really have time to respond to, I will be dropping the following formats that will help you become a successful yahoo boy;

  1. When you are starting out with a client, always remember that you aren’t from America, UK, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. This is because our English and theirs aren’t the same.
  2. Always tell your clients that you are originally from Poland, Italy, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and that you migrated to the US to further your education.
  3. After a while, tell them that your company has transferred you to South Africa for official duty
  4. Tell them that a team of geologists will be going to Nigeria to secure an Oil Block
  5. Then you continue with the flow till the client pays

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Or… You can open a female account for your Girlfriend (If she is okay with it) and use her to trap white men.

She should assume a black girl identity from Bahamas, Dominican Republic, or Faroe Island, any of them.

If the white man requests for a video call, she should accept the call and have fun with the man (She may be asked for naked videos ooo…), so it is at your own risk.

Then find a way to make me send you money for treatment of coming over to satisfy his sexual urge (Anyone you want).

It is all about creativity. I will still be back to write on the topics below;

  • Phishing (Hacking and online theft)
  • Email Blasting.

I will also update all that I have learned with phishing and account bait. Once you implement all these, it will be great. You can subscribe below and I will update you when I finally drop the post.

If interested, you can just leave a comment, and I will send you the materials when I am done writing.

You can just subscribe below for more dangerous tips I will be releasing.


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